Lawncare & Maintenance

Lawn Aeration & Fertilization

In most cases, your grass will require more than water to thrive. To achieve lush and green grass it is also important to make sure there are enough nutrients in the soil and that their roots are not compacted and preventing oxygen from permeating the soil. Lawn and Snow Pro has a treatment plan for any lawn to thrive. We expertly blend fertilizer to meet the nutritional needs of your grass and treat it with our core aeration process. There's no need to stare at grass that is desicating and turning yellow under the hot Utah sun. Lawn & Snow Pro can restore the beauty of any lawn.

Getting the Lawn of your Dreams has never been Easier.

Obtaining the landscape maintenance that will exceed your expectations has never before been easier. It's only as simple as a quick phone call. Call our offices today to receive a quote and start relaxing, enjoying your free time and lawn!