As we approach the first day of Summer, many questions about lawn care are starting to arise. Maintaining a lush lawn is not easy in Utah, especially during the hot summer days. In Utah, we get less cloud cover and rain than other states and it’s crucial to know how exactly to take care of your lawn to guarantee full, lush, and green grass. Below are some of the top tips to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams this summer.


Fertilize Early in Summer

To achieve lush green grass, it’s essential to fertilize your lawn early in the summertime (Late-May through Early June). This gives the soil around the roots of your grass to receive the nutrients it needs before its peak growing season. Many are confused as to which fertilizer they should use for their lawn. If you are struggling with grubs or other pests, consider using a fertilizer with pesticides. Being in Utah, we recommend using fertilizers that promote water penetration and stronger root systems.


Applying fertilizer can be straightforward, just evenly sprinkle on your lawn and water after 10-15 minutes. The only thing to avoid is fertilizing before a downpour as it can wash away from your lawn.


Fertilize Again Before Fall

No one should approach fertilizing as a once-and-done task. Most lawns that you see are full, lush, and green and are fertilized again before fall too. This fertilization is a means to provide the soil with nutrients to keep your lawn’s roots alive during winter. 


Mow High

Some aspire to have a front lawn worthy of a golf course. However, a short lawn doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy. Cutting your lawn too short in Utah is a sure-fire way to have your lawn burn under the hot summer sun. Lawn and Snow Pro recommends leaving your grass a bit high, as the blades of grass provide the soil with shade. This is great because it allows the water to stay cool under the grass and prevents much of it from evaporating. Additionally, it will allow you to water your lawn less often as the water will reach deeper into the soil. 


Water Your Lawn

This one is quite obvious, right? However, most homeowners don’t know how to properly water their lawns during summer. Lawn and Snow Pro recommends watering your lawn during the early morning or evening as the water is not heated by the sun and evaporated. If you water when the sun is high enough or setting, you can achieve cool and deep penetrating watering of the soil and your lawn’s root system. However, if you see that there’s water pooling up on your lawn, it can do more harm than good to water during these times as it promotes the growth of mushrooms that can destroy your lawn’s root system.


Weeds can Kill your Lawn

Spring and Summer are weeding seasons. You’re going to feel like you’re on constant watch for them. Remove them as soon as possible, by any means possible. We recommend using fertilizers with weed-killers. Weeds will fight for nutrients and can harm the root system of your grass.


Hire Lawn & Snow Pro

There’s a reason why we are named “Lawn and Snow Pro”. We have all the industry know-how and decades of experience in lawn care and snow removal. If you are ever in need of lawn care services or just need some quick tips, call our office during regular business hours to learn how we can help you get the lawn of your dreams.

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