At Lawn & Snow Pro, aeration is a process in which the soil is perforated with small holes to allow nutrients, water, and air to penetrate the soil and go straight into the root system of your lawn.

You should consider aerating your lawn if you see puddles after rain or snow showers, thatch build-up (from before or after winter), or your lawn is not getting enough water in certain areas. If you have any of these issues, contact one of our lawn maintenace in Bountiful so we can optimize your lawn.

If you are facing these issues and are not sure how a spring lawn aeration can help your lawn, we have compiled a list of benefits you can expect from getting your lawn aerated with Lawn & Snow Pro.


Spring Lawn Aeration Benefits:

Improved Health. 

Lawn aeration can improve the overall health of your grass. The turf’s perforations provide air, water, and fertilizer directly to the root zone of your grass. This results in even deeper roots and an increase in nutrients, making your lawn look fuller and more vibrant.

Thatch Build-Up Solution

After the snow melts, you may find that there is a layer of dead grass accumulated all over your lawn. Thatch on your turf robs your healthy grass of necessary water and nutrients. Aeration allows water and nutrients to go beneath this layer of thatch.

Decreases Soil Compaction

Compacted soil also prevents air, fertilizer, nutrients, and water from reaching your lawn’s root system. By perforating your lawn, it removes some of the compacted soil to restore the nutrients and water your lawn needs to thrive. 

pH Benefits

Applying things like lime or even sulfur to the soil once the lawn has been aerated promotes healthy changes in your soil’s pH, should it need it. This will allow even more nutrients to penetrate the root zone.

Reduced Puddling

After some heavy rain, you may find that there are puddles or runoffs on your lawn. Aeration would give additional access for the water to go into the soil and nourish your lawn.

Fights Against Heat

When the warmer months come, your lawn will struggle to get the proper amount of water it needs. Therefore it is imperative to allow the water it does get to go deep into the soil so it can replenish properly. The last thing you want is your grass to die under the hot summer sun.   

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